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  • Cullen and Dykman’s Construction Litigation Group Completes OSHA-30 Training As New York Implements New OSHA Requirements For Construction Workers

    Cullen and Dykman’s Construction Litigation Group, which consists of over thirty attorneys licensed in both New York and New Jersey, recently completed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) thirty hour course. OSHA is a federal agency that administers standards and rules for employers across the country, including construction companies, contractors, and developers. In the majority of states, an OSHA violation constitutes some evidence of negligence. The OSHA 30 course consists of thirty hours of in-person training on construction health and safety awareness. OSHA 30 topics include elevation related hazards; excavation dangers; proper equipment usage; and other safety related-issues that arise in Labor Law actions.

    On December 1, 2019, the New York City Department of Buildings effectuates Local Law 196, which requires that workers at most major construction sites complete the OSHA 30 course. This requirement also applies to individuals conducting post-accident investigations, such as attorneys. By 2020, workers at job sites that require a Site Safety Plan (which includes sites that must designate a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator, or Site Safety Manager) must receive 40 hours of training.

    The Cullen and Dykman Construction Litigation Group prides itself on its ability to successfully defend difficult cases by thinking outside of the box. The OSHA 30 Certification provides additional insight and information that can be used in construction accident investigation and the defense of complex claims. The emergency accident response practice of the Construction Litigation Group features response to the scene within one hour of notice, capture of all available evidence including photographs, witness and claimant statements, documentary evidence, risk transfer analysis, expert inspection, legal analysis of damages and liability all presented in a ShareFile within 24 hours of the incident. Basic knowledge of OSHA standards and guidelines is invaluable to any construction attorney, even as the rules continue to develop and change. The Construction Litigation Group has a complete working knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law and litigation. We strive to remain current with regard to significant new developments in the law.

    For more information on the Construction Litigation Group, please click here. Contact information for John Sparling, the head of the Construction Litigation Group, is also available here.