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  • NLRB’s Employee Rights Notice Posting

    Last Tuesday, we wrote about the Final Rule issued by the NLRB, which requires employers to notify employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act as of November 14, 2011.

    Well today, the NLRB  released the notice required under the new rule. Below, I have listed some links related to the new rule:

        • For our blog post briefly describing the new rule, click here;
        • For a copy of the full 11″ x 17″ notice, click here;
        • To view an 8.5″ x 11″ version of the notice, click here;
        • For the Final Rule’s full text, click here;
        • To locate your regional NLRB office, click here;
        • To view the Final Rule’s webpage on the NLRB website, click here;
        • For the NLRB’s website, click here.

    Notification of Employee Rights

    A special thanks to Sean Gajewski for helping with this post.  Sean is a third-year law student at Hofstra University School of Law.  You can reach him by email at srgajewski [at] gmail dot com. Bio: www.sgajewski.com.