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    Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Transgender Discrimination in New York State

    On October 23, 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo (“Governor Cuomo”) exercised his executive power to expand the New York State Human Right Law to include protections for transgender individuals. The announcement came during the annual dinner hosted by the Empire State Pride Agenda, a group that traditionally advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. “I […]

    Michael Kors and Versace Sued by Unpaid Interns

    Earlier this month, approximately 100 former interns filed class action suits in New York state court against Michael Kors and Versace for allegedly classifying them as interns rather than employees. The plaintiffs alleged in the class action suits that they were tasked with inputting data, assisting with organizing samples, answering phone calls, setting up promotional […]

    Second Circuit Holds Facebook “Likes” Protected by NLRA

    Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (“Second Circuit”) released a summary order and held that an employee’s “like” on Facebook can be protected by the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”). By way of brief background, in Three D, LLC d/b/a Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille v. National Labor Relations Board, […]

    California Bill Seeking Minimum Punishments in College Sexual Misconduct Cases Vetoed

    Recently, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a bill introduced to the California State Assembly earlier this year. The bill sought to require colleges to give a minimum two year suspension if a student was found guilty of sexual assault offenses through the campus disciplinary process. In proposing a bundle of sexual assault related bills, California […]

    Court of Appeals Rules that Kansas University Cannot Expel Accused Student for Off-Campus Sexual Misconduct

    To what extent can an institution discipline a student for off-campus behavior directed at another student vis-à-vis the Internet? This issue was addressed in a recent case involving the University of Kansas (the “University”). By way of brief background, the University of Kansas expelled a male student, Navid Yeasin (“Yeasin”), for sexually harassing his ex-girlfriend, […]