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    Legislative Update: Senate Moves to Approve the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

    On November 4, the United States Senate in a 61-30 vote moved to continue debate on the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“ENDA” or the “Act”). The ENDA seeks to ban workplace bias against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Act also provides an exception for smaller businesses that contain […]

    Australia’s High Court Denies Employee Worker’s Compensation Claim for Sex Injury

    Ruling in a 4-2 decision[1], the Australian High Court denied a government employee worker’s compensation claim for an injury the employee sustained while having sex in a motel room during a business trip. The female employee bringing the action was employed as a federal servant. The events leading up to the cause of action date […]

    UPDATE: Fox Appeals in Second Circuit for Guidance on Unpaid Interns

    In June of 2013 in the Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York held that Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc. (“Searchlight”) violated the Federal Labor and Standards Act (“FLSA”) and New York Labor Laws (“NYLL”) when the company failed to pay two interns who were assigned […]

    California School District Enacts Social Media Surveillance to Counter Cyber Bullying

    In response to a series of cyber bullying related teen suicides that took place in Los Angeles last year, the Southern California school district has decided to employ a social media monitoring service enabling the school to take a proactive role in curtailing cyber bullying with the hopes of saving teen lives and ensuring teen […]

    Dangers of Social Media

    As an advertising tactic, most companies utilize various social media platforms to foster connections with their target markets. It is certainly not unusual for a company to have its own Facebook or Twitter account. These varying social media outlets allow for companies to advertise in real time. For example, hardware megastore giant Home Depot has […]

    New U.S. Labor Secretary Proposes to Extend U.S. Minimum Wage Laws to Home Health Employees

    After only being sworn in two weeks ago, the new U.S. Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, has not wasted any time in setting up the goals he planned to obtain during his term, especially when it comes to minimum wage laws for home health care workers. .  The new law will become effective in January of […]