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    Equifax, one of the nation’s largest consumer credit reporting agencies, recently disclosed that it fell victim to a massive data breach. The company revealed on September 7 that hackers obtained the personal information of up to 143 million consumers during a cyber-attack that occurred from May through July.  The information revealed includes consumer’s names, addresses, […]

    Students Sue University of Central Florida for Data Breach

    Recently, students and employees of the University of Central Florida (the “University”) filed a proposed class action lawsuit in Florida federal court against the University alleging that the University failed to adequately safeguard their personal data from a recent data breach that exposed personal information of nearly 63,000 current and former students and employees. The […]

    The Seventh Circuit Allows Data Breach Class Action Plaintiffs to Breach the Barriers to the Court

    Until now, the majority of courts around the Country have dismissed data breach plaintiff class actions based on lack of standing because such plaintiff’s injuries were too speculative.  On July 20, 2015, the Seventh Circuit, in Remijas v. Neiman Marcus Group, LLC, No. 14-3122, 2015 WL 4394814 (7th Cir. July 20, 2015), reversed the Federal […]

    Cheaters Beware! Extramarital Affair Website Ashley Madison Has Been Hacked.

    In yet another cyber-attack, extramarital-affair website, Ashley Madison whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair,” was hacked and the attackers are threatening to leak the compromised data online, unless their demands are met. The controversial website was founded in 2001 and has approximately 37 million members who use the site to find partners […]

    Another Day, Another Data Breach – Could You Be Next?

    The University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”) Health has been the latest victim of a cyber-attack at a time when cybercriminals are targeting just about everyone. Recently, hackers broke into UCLA Health System’s computer network and may have accessed sensitive information that could affect up to 4.5 million patients. UCLA is unsure of what, if […]

    Federal Court in Utah Finds No Duty to Defend Under Cyber Insurance Policy

    Cybersecurity has become a very hot topic with more and more reports of cyber-attacks on U.S. companies and governmental agencies. In one of the first cases to discuss cyber insurance coverage, Travelers v. Federal Recovery Services Inc.,[1] the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah ruled a “CyberFirst Policy” issued by Travelers does not […]

    Data Breach Decisions Setting A Higher Threshold For Standing For Plaintiffs Do Not Mean Businesses Are Off The Hook

    There are only two types of companies left in the United States:  those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked. In the last year alone, forty-three percent (43%) of U.S. companies experienced a data breach, resulting in the misappropriation of millions of individuals’ personal and financial information. As this number continues to […]

    Federal Employees’ Personal Information Compromised by Data Breach

    In recent headlines, the Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) has begun notifying millions of federal employees that it may have lost their personal information earlier this month in a data breach. The data breach occurred when hackers, who allegedly have ties to the Chinese government, compromised the computer system run by OPM and stole the […]