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    Don’t Be Unreasonable: U.S. Supreme Court Sets the Standard for Awarding Attorneys’ Fees in Copyright Cases

    You have just received a cease and desist letter related to something that was posted on your company’s website.  Some person that you’ve never heard of before is threatening to sue you for thousands of dollars for copyright infringement unless you purchase a license or agree to a settlement for some amount of money.  You […]

    What Your Employees Download Can Cost You Protecting Against Copyright Infringement

    Liability for copyright infringement can be a very costly matter.  The scary part for businesses is that liability for copyright infringement can arise very easily and often without the knowledge or participation of management.  Something as simple as an employee downloading a report through an expired subscription it had access through by way of its […]

    Do You Notice Your Trademarks and Copyrights?

    One very simple, but important, part of protecting your rights in your trademarks and copyrights is providing proper notice.  Using the proper notice symbols in connection with your trademarks and copyrights puts the world on notice that you are claiming exclusive rights in your intellectual property and can serve a very valuable evidentiary purpose should […]

    The B&B Hardware Case and its Potential Impact on Trademark Litigation

    Trademark disputes can often play out in a number of forums. Trademark disputes often start off in the marketplace, with a confused consumer, and then proceed to litigation in several tribunals including the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”), the federal District and Circuit courts, and sometimes foreign courts and other international tribunals. The question […]